Mobile, social consumers

Who are today's consumers? One thing is for sure: they aren't all the same. It is important to have a realistic view of who they are and how they behave.

For instance, perhaps 75% of your audience have smart phones. But that doesn't mean they only use the internet when they are out and about. So how are you going to treat your "mobile" customers when they are online at home?

And most of your customers use social media. But how are they using it? And more importantly how should you use it? (Clue: it's not just for lead generation.)

What about "Big data". Listen to some people and you might think that you can know everything about your customers. Data isn't like that: it can never replicate the world. We prefer to talk about "smart data" and how it can be used to assist, not drive, decision making.

Your customers do move around though and you can "touch" them in lots of different places. In the high street, on TV, in search engines, by email, in social media... How do all those touch points fit together and how can you use a single view of a customer to deliver an exceeptional customer experience across all channel?

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