Ensuring digital compliance

It is easy to trip up over compliance when implementing digital technology. Sometimes this is because the compliance issues are unclear, even to the regulators. More often it is because an understanding of compliance isn't built into digital initiatives.

  • Data: With the EU threatening fines of up to 5% of global turnover for data privacy failures, it is important to ensure that the personal data of customers and employees is properly protected
  • Marketing: All too often digital marketing, especially in the social media area, is left to inexperienced people who are not managed effectively. Several major companies have experienced problems with non-compliant advertising and endorsements on social media recently.
  • Accessibility: If you provide a service online you must take reasonable steps to make it accessible. Knowing what this means in practice is difficult. But this isn't just a legal issue: accessible design is almost always good design and leads to higher conversion rates.
  • Regulated industries: Social media is a problem for regulated industries like pharmceuticals and financial services. The rules are hard to interpret - and perhaps harder for organisations to enforce internally. But there are ways through this maze.

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